4 Important Purchases to Make for Your First Home

    1. Lawn Equipment

    One amazing thing about owning a home is that you own the lawn, the grass, the flower beds, and everything else comes with the property. However, this also means you have to take care of what you own, and unless you’re hiring a landscaping company, you will need to purchase some lawn equipment. Here are a few useful tools to help with lawn maintenance and get you started on your outdoor maintenance:

    • Lawnmower
    • Weed Whacker
    • Weed puller
    • Water hose and sprinkler
    • Ladder


    2. Household Tools

    Even if your home is newly built, maintenance will be required. Whether it’s a leaky faucet, squeaky hinges, or more elaborate home repairs that crop up, you’ll need some tools of your own. The upfront cost of purchasing tools can be significant, but they can save you an abundance of money in future home repairs. After all, if you let problems persist, they will only get worse—and much more expensive. In addition, you may wish to do some simple home renovations yourself, such as hanging a TV on the wall or changing out the house’s original hardware. As a rule of thumb, grab these tools to ensure regular maintenance and quick home repairs:

    • Screwdriver set
    • Hammer
    • Level
    • Pliers set
    • Tape measure

    3. Gardening Gear

    Gardening gear is different than lawn equipment; while you have to maintain your lawn, you aren’t required to plant beautiful, vibrant flowers to enhance the landscaping of your home. However, planting some fresh flowers and/or a vegetable garden can bring an abundance of enjoyment to your experience as a first-time homebuyer. It will also enhance the exterior appearance of your home, and may even provide you with a new hobby to enjoy for years to come. Some items to get you started on the path to creating a captivating landscape include:

    • New plants, such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, bushes, etc.
    • Soil, fertilizer, and mulch
    • Gardening gloves
    • Gardening tools, such as cultivator, trowel, and fork
    • Shovel

    4. Outdoor Patio Furniture

    As a new homeowner, you may not have had the benefit of an outdoor living space previously. However, now that you have purchased your first home, if you do have this benefit, you can style your backyard to your liking. Whether you have a condo balcony, small yard, or acres to enjoy, you’ll need some outdoor patio furniture. Create the ultimate outdoor living space with the following items:

    • Patio chairs and table
    • Outdoor lights
    • Barbecue
    • Outdoor plates, bowls, and cutlery


    Buying a home is a huge investment. It’s the first major purchase you make towards building a better future. Preparing yourself with a list of must-have purchases you need as a first-time homebuyer will help decrease the stress of the move and responsibility, and bring much enjoyment in the long run.

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